Thursday, May 26, 2011

Devotion of Thotakacharya

Thotakacharya is one of the favourite shishya of Adhi Shankara.Shankaracharya used to conduct his satsangh at various places along the riverbanks or at mountains. Thotaka' main job was to do seva to AdiShankara like washing his saffron robes. one day the students were ready for the class of vedanta. Shankara was uncomfortable and was looking here and there, but did not start. his scholarly shishya padmapadha was looked upon by others to ask ADI SHANKARA, why the class is not yet sarted.Shankara replied where is my GIRI!  it seems THOTAKAS'S SRADDHA WAS  SO GREAT THAT HE IMMEDIATELY REMEMBERED THAT HIS TEACHER WANTS HIM.he ran towards BHAGAVATPADHA  and sat down . Padmapadha commented why wait for one who is not there at the moment? to this shankara replied you don't know about the shraddha of Thotaka who places immence faith in guru vakhya and veda. it seems shankara asked thotaka what he understood all these days. He presented a ashtakam in thotaka metre. then on this became a famous work  called thotakaashtakam which is very famous work. what i mean to say is your immence faith in vedas and guru vakyas, can make you t5o gain knowledge of self.shraddha alone can save you from this world of samsara.

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